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Running the world’s only intellectual gaming site isn’t easy, and it’s far from inexpensive. We are literally forced to buy new video games and the finest wines just to keep you ungrateful jerks informed and mentally stimulated. Unfortunately, the times appear to be unappreciative of a thinking man’s (or woman’s) wallet, so if you, dear reader, feel compelled to contribute to our cause through fiscal means, well, who are we to deny you that right? This is a new age, after all, and freedoms are being taken from us every day. Spit in the face of our oppressors by making a choice.

Choose VEAG.

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2 comments on “Keep VEAG Alive! (Give Us Your Money)
  1. Please include a donation bar VEAG, I need to know how much has been invested in the only intellectual news source!

    • I’ll see if I can look into how to do that but as of 4/3/2015 I can say that we’ve received $102 in donations. $100 of it was from my aunt. – Josh

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