7 Ways Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is Like Dark Souls

Don’t be tricked by the rainbow and colorful cheery facade Robot Unicorn Attack 2 puts on. In reality, it’s a fast, brutal, uncompromising thrillride that will punish you for a single mistake. We here at VEAG noticed the similarities this high octane tap extravaganza of a mobile game had to the Nobel Peace Prize winning game, Dark Souls. Allow us to begin:

1) You’re supposed to play it with both hands.

Although we’re positive that you could play Dark Souls and RUA2 with nubs or even your kneecaps, the experience is much more pleasurable and easier with the use of your hands. Complete motor control lets you move your character in Dark Souls, and in RUA2, it’s really no different.

2) There are serpents in both games.

When playing RUA2, it says in the loading screen about the detailed lore of the game, saying that serpents were the cause of the events. In Dark Souls, it’s the events of the Furtive Pygmy, but the point still stands; Primordial Serpents are in Dark Souls, and they look like the bunny from Donnie Darko.

3) You can see where you failed and skedaddle past there.

In RUA2, if you die at a certain point, and you move past that previous point on your new life, you will bust through the prism and continue onward. This calls to mind the retrieval of lost souls that are green when you die in Dark Souls.

4) There are giants in it.
These giants in RUA2 shoot lasers at you, but don’t be fooled. They are extremely similar to the behemoth enemies you fight in Dark Souls, and you can get Giant Armor in that game too.

5) Dark Souls reference in RUA2

For the majority of the game, you are running on cliffs that are high up in the sky. UH, HELLO? This is obviously a callback to Solaire, sun enthusiast and friendly buddy in the world of dark (but later turns hollow and goes crazy).

6) It’s somewhat challenging
When you get to the 16,000 mark in RUA2, the game bumps up the difficulty. Just like in Dark Souls, the more souls you get, the more ire you will receive from enemies and players alike, as there is a constant struggle to keep that mystic currency under your belt.

7) The game will make you admire its difficulty.
Although this is an audacious and subjective claim, as arguing that everyone will enjoy the same games you do is just stupid, I felt this review didn’t have enough padding. So here’s more.


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