Better Call Saul is Coming to PUBG Mobile

DENVER, CO – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (now abbreviated to PUBG: Battlegrounds, which makes no sense) has been really enticing Asian people as of late, collaborating with Japanese and Korean IPs such as the incel anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, the extremely corporate BLACKPINK (not even a joke, BLACKPINK is a major capitalist psyop they literally only have one album lmao), and an upcoming collaboration with dumb stinky Dragon Ball. These moves have undoubtedly inspired millions of people to download the free-to-slay game and obliterate the battery life of their phones, but the creator of PUBG is concerned that not enough American people are playing.

Video Entertainment Analysis Group was fortunate enough to send Canadian correspondent Kevin Pascal to Bundang-gu, Seongnam to speak with PUBG’s creative director, Brendan Greene, about his plans to appeal to a more western audience.


“I’m a busy man, so I don’t have a lot of time, and I don’t like to say a lot of words,” Greene began, “…but I do have three words for you now: Breaking Bad PUBG.” Greene took a sip of some sort of weird sludge he called G Slop, farted really loud, and called security to remove Pascal from the building.


It’s safe to assume Greene originally intended to bring Walter White or Jesse Pinkman skins into the battle royale, or allow players to use ricin to poison children in-game for bonus XP. Since we weren’t able to get anything other than a single sentence out of Greene, and we essentially wasted a massive travel budget to South Korea, I have to make an educated guess and say that it made more sense for PUBG to have a Better Call Saul event instead, since there is more buzz currently surrounding that show due to its finale. We were only given an image to go on, but it appears Breaking Bad’s twerking lawyer Saul Goodman will be dropping in for a chicken dinner soon enough. (Hopefully not from Los Pollos Hermanos! Breaking Bad reference?) What will this Better Call Saul collab actually be? What will it mean for PUBG players? How is this supposed to get people to play a video game? Time will only tell.

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