“Gamer Fuel” Now Used to Fuel Gamer Cars

Only $8 a gallon.

Only $8 a gallon.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – There’s really nothing quite like sitting down to your new Harvest Moon game on a Friday night with a heavy sack of cheese and chemical dust covered tortilla chips and a cool glass of citrus soda. Call up your boys and invite them over; tonight’s gonna be a good one. You’re gonna take turns running errands on the ranch and charming the honeys while the others re-up on the snackage.


Hold up though. Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Your boy has no gas for his ’93 Honda Accord, and we all know Brent and Marcus don’t have a car. How the fuck are your boys gonna come get they farm on? Never fear, the scientific Dewmasters are on your side. We all know Gamer Fuel is the king of thirsting quench for the true MLG, but now it’ll also get your car on the road in no time if you’re ever low on the gas flow. Need a ride to Gamestop, but can’t get a bowl of the petrol? Down a swig of your boost juice, and use the rest to spank that fat gas tank. We’ll get you there in time to buy DLC cards for CoD: Ghosts.

Admins of Tumblr science blogs tried it. It worked once. It’ll work for you. Dew you have what it takes to make the choice? Drink it down, or put it in your car. Decisions, decisions…Why not buy a six-pack to make it easier?

“Bro I poured a 2-liter of that shit in my car and I had to get it towed to Wal-Mart so they could clean out the tank. It doesn’t work…This is just advertising man I wouldn’t recommend it.” – Text from a LOSER who actually thinks League of Legends is cool lol

Are you really gonna believe the haters? They always try to bring cool stuff down. Buy Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. Are you really gonna believe the haters? Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. Gamer Fuel. Buy Gamer Fuel. 


This article has been sponsored by Mountain Dew.


Author: Josh (VEAG Co-Founder)