Hot Girl Really Does Play Xbox In Underwear

The optimal gaming position.

The optimal gaming position.

PHOENIX, AZ – You ever dominate a round of Call of Duty: Ghosts and then when you get back to the game lobby, you hear a bunch of dudes on the other team trying to hit on a girl? I know I have. I’ve actually been one of those dudes.

That’s how I met Stacy, a 24 year old blond supermodel with size 5 feet from Arizona who says that those “gamer girl” stereotypes are actually offensive, but not in the way that you’re thinking.


“Everyday, when I get off work, I love to strip to my undies and just duke it out on Street Fighter or something. I’m a trash talker, so when people try to chat me up or whatever, I always have something to say. It’s actually made me kinda popular. Whenever boys get turned on by my voice or whatever and ask what I’m wearing, I’m just being honest with them. Like, I really AM in my little black bra and panties. It’s comfortable and I feel sexy. Then I go on Facebook or Tumblr and see all these people making fun of pretty girls playing games in their underwear…It just kinda makes me feel bad, ya know? Because that’s what I do, and apparently that makes me an ignorant slut! And these people are absolutely ruthless about it, guys and girls! I probably know more about gaming than most of those douchebags do!”

When I asked if Stacy was single, she said yes and I proceeded to ask her out on a dinner date so we could talk more about her story. Like what colors she normally wears…if she ever gets kinda sweaty when playing…if she ever uses the vibrator function for anything other than gaming…

Our conversation was interesting to say the least. Unfortunately for me, I now have a restraining order pending and I’m only allowed to post this if it remains newsworthy. Therefore, I think people could take this as another chapter in the age-old life lessons book: Know people before you judge them.

Stacy absolutely can not be the only girl who enjoys playing video games in her underwear, or the only one who proudly displays this fact on modelling sites and popular blogs. Before you start slut-shaming, maybe you should do some love-displaying. Love these pretty girls and their controllers, enjoy how sweet the eye candy is, because maybe that makes them feel good about themselves. Maybe they have to deal with people judging them daily for being beautiful and they just wanna come home and appreciate the joys of lounging around naked. Everyone knows us guy gamers love to do it; we’re just not as clean when we take pictures.

Intellectual Always,



Author: Josh (VEAG Co-Founder)