In the news of the Gaye’s family success in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for being a 100% clone of Marvin Gaye’s song “Got To Give It Up”, it seems there are more lawsuits on the way from the Gaye family. Marvin Gaye’s daughter, Nona Gaye, and his ex-wife are now thinking that the song “Happy” by Pharrell sounds note for note like Gaye’s song “Ain’t That Peculiar”. But it seems this suing spree isn’t over yet, and the musicians for video games are now at great risk after the new Akira Yamaoka scandal.

Actual photo taken of Nona Gaye as she realizes how many people are making a quick buck off her father's achievements.

Actual photo taken of Nona Gaye as she realizes how many people are making a quick buck off her father’s achievements.

When I asked Nona Gaye about this issue, she had this to say. “If you listen to anything by Yamaoka, you’ll definitely hear that he uses guitar in his songs. I feel shaken that someone else would steal from my father and dare use guitars in their music. A few of his songs even have singing! I hate all of these people with no talent trying to get rich off of my father’s success! I will not let these crooks have any of the profit that belongs to my father, and I will take every last cent, plus interest, they’ve made off of their shams.” At that point she began to weep.

We have heard from inside sources about who Marvin Gaye’s ex-wife has her eyes on, and potential targets for future lawsuits are composers such as Koichi Sugiyama (Dragon Quest), Joe Hisaishi (Studio Ghibli), Koji Kondo (The Legend of Zelda), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and many more. Reasoning behind lawsuits against these men are quite distinct, because all of these artists at some point have used percussion instruments in their music, and it’s clear to see who they all got that idea from.

That’s all the news we have on this subject for the time being. How does it feel knowing that everything you have ever loved is nothing more than a carbon copy of Marvin Gaye’s past work? Are you disappointed? Shocked? Let us know in the comments below.

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