Oppressed Zoe Quinn is Getting Movie Based on Her To-Be Published Book on Oppression, Oppressed ‘Avengers’ Star Scarlett Johansson May Play Lead Role #GamerGate

I’ll be honest with you, VEAGans. I put the #Gamergate discussion to bed probably a week or two after it started. Not everyone was dumb enough to do the same. I feel like a waste. In a genius move by anonymous rich people in suits, Hollywood is looking to cash in on the controversy a year and a half later or something, when everyone is pretty much done talking about it and it’s lost it’s relevancy.

My personal weight-loss inspiration Zoe Quinn’s memoir, Crash Override: How to Save the Internet From Itself is slated to have a film adaptation after it’s release, which is another great move, since the public (and film crew) will have only a short amount of time to decide the quality of the book before churning the drama that took place exclusively online into a riveting dramatic piece to be shown on-screen and watched for an hour and a half at the risk of artistic careers and bank accounts. It will also be a great package deal for the movie bin at Dollar General stores nationwide; customers will be able the full story about mean Tweets (Kind of like Jimmy Kimmel!) on the internet before watching it all play out on their 4K televisions. It’s this kind of innovative thinking that keeps little guys like us at VEAG inspired to push forward with our dreams.

Who has feet big enough to fill the shoes of Punished Quinn, though? According to the multiple news outlets covering this story, there has been interest shown by several actresses, the most notable being the also oppressed and berated Scarlett Johansson. In this journalist’s humble opinion, Scarlett couldn’t have been a better fit for the role. Scarlett and Zoe look exactly alike. Wow!

How many pounds will Johansson have to gain to prepare for this role?

How many pounds will Johansson have to gain to prepare for this role?

This is truly history we are witnessing here, folks. Somehow, a smalltown indie game developer overcame her gender-based obstacles and has made a living exposing the double-standards and hypocrisies of the video game world, and is now getting a book and movie published in the face of an overarching, devilish patriarchy. Somehow, an actress who was only the second-highest paid actress in 2015’s biggest summer blockbuster is getting the chance of a lifetime to shine a light on the plight of her fellow women. In such a male-dominated country like America, it’s practically treason for me to even be writing this.

Quinn’s crusade to end the sexual objectification and oppression of women and fictitious female characters in the video game industry would make it almost seem REALLY, REALLY IRONIC that such a sexy, beautiful woman is likely to play the on-screen version of herself, but I feel like it’s just a statement being made. Quinn is very powerful and beautiful. Johansson is simply going to bring those traits to life and brighten them up so people can see them more clearly.

And to keep it 100, movie characters magnifying the best aspects of ordinary people is one of the reasons we always feel good about coming back to the theaters, popcorn in hand and candy from home in purse.

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