Square Enix Unaware People Actually Wanted Final Fantasy X HD

HD? More like DD. Because of her breast size. They're big.

HD? More like DD.
Because of her breast size. They’re big.

SHINJUKU, TOKYO, TKY – By now, most of us have heard about the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster bundle in the works by Square Enix. Today, we managed to get the opportunity to speak with Yosuke Matsuda (CEO of Square Enix, Japan) and Yukuhiro Fukushima (Honorary Chairman of Square Enix, Japan). When asked about the reason for the decision, Matsuda stated this:

“We mainly chose it as a joke. Fans have been asking for a remake of Final Fantasy 7 for years, and we thought it would be funny to announce a remake for something nobody wanted instead. We know people enjoyed Final Fantasy 10, but we figured the inclusion of 10-2 would be enough to drive them away. Needless to say it didn’t work; and now we have to actually make the game. Oh well, at least it’s easy money for us.”

We went ahead and also asked Fukushima the same question and he responded with:

“I really just wanted to see the team make Tidus’ laugh in HD. That was really the only good part of Final Fantasy 10 anyway.”

Afterwards we asked the both of them what the differences between the originals and the remasters would be, to which Matsuda said:

“We really didn’t feel there were enough costumes for the girls in 10-2, so we made sure to get our art team to work up about 100 more of these for each girl; and those costumes will all be selectable in the original 10 after unlocked in 10-2. We figured we’d take a similar approach that we did with Final Fantasy 13, Lightning Returns since people seemed to love the idea of dressing up Lightning as much as we did.”

Fukushima also added:

“Yeah, and we’ll be showing way more of Rikku’s cleavage and midriff. The difference just wasn’t enough between the original 10 and 10-2.”

We asked if they would consider also remaking earlier titles like Final Fantasy 6 and Fukushima stated:

“We might, Terra and Celes could always use more outfits.”

When asked about remakes for the lesser known spin-off, Crystal Chronicles, Matsuda said:

“Well, with how far gaming has gone, Crystal Chronicles would certainly make a fantastic remake on the WiiU. But we’re probably just going to make another linear game with no race options like The Crystal Bearers, it’d just fit the way we design our games now much better.”

We here at Video Entertainment Analysis Group are quite excited to hear that Square Enix will continue putting waifu simulator features first in their upcoming games, and have no doubt it will be a major success.

Author: Stephen Powers (Pokemon Researcher and Lord of Waifus)